The Alexander Technique

I hold classes, workshops and courses in the Alexander Technique at various centres in Bangalore.

The Alexander Technique is a simple, elegant way of recognising the hidden tension that you carry within you.

This tension affects your balance, breathing and general functioning whether you’re a computer professional, a performer or just someone who feels that their general energy and wellness could be better.

With the Alexander Technique you learn to let go of this tension so that you move effortlessly through your day – in whatever you do.


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Alexander Technique Courses in Bangalore

Right now, with the situation so uncertain and COVID-19 making life difficult for us, I'm only offering online lessons and courses. The information about Personal Courses on the page is for you to have an idea of what may be possible in happier times. If you're looking for information about lessons, please go straight to the Online Option.

Foundation - Individual Courses

One on one learning
Take advantage of individual attention, flexible timings and ease of rescheduling

Foundation - Group Courses

Learning with a group
An economical and enjoyable experience of learning with and from fellow participants

The Online Option

Alexander lessons at a distance
In today's scenario, this is the only practical, safe option. Learn without leaving your home, in group or individual formats.

Things to Try

Simple activities that make a huge difference
Take a look at some simple activities that you do everyday, usually without thinking - sitting, standing and walking. Alexander Technique courses help you change deeply held muscular patterns by changing your thinking.
Things to Try

Active Rest

Active Rest during Alexander Technique courses Bangalore

Try This at Home!

A thoughtful way of lying down that will refresh and strengthen your back.
You can try this out at home. 1) It sharpens your awareness of yourself 2) It allows your muscles to let go of a lot of the underlying tension that you didn't know you had.
Active Rest

The Alexander Technique is the HOW of how you do anything.