What People Say

 …I’ve been able to feel that extra strength in my arm, which feels odd because I am not doing anything more, but the clay just listens to me better 🙂

Aditi Rao – potter, writer

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I … used AT in my long car ride through Bangalore’s infamous traffic, to release the muscles all over. What a difference it made!

Sharda Agarwal – Executive



Alexander Technique teacher, poise ease tension free


I’m Padmini Menon and I’ve been teaching the Alexander Technique in India for the last 10 years. I trained at the Brighton Alexander Technique College in the UK from 2005 – 2008 in a 3 year full time course.

Since then I’ve worked with people of all ages and professions, who all wanted different things from their Alexander lessons – singers, dancers, actors, senior executives, sports enthusiasts, homemakers and students.

Some of them wanted lessons to deal with problems like RSI and chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. Singers, dancers and actors wanted to learn how to perform with greater ease and power and deal with stage fright. Some people came to me simply because they wanted to develop a greater sense of well being.

I’ve conducted classes and workshops in the Alexander Technique in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. I’ve taught Alexander Technique Introductory course modules to

  1. students at the National School of Drama, Delhi,
  2. students of the Whistling Woods Film School in Mumbai
  3. MA students of Ambedkar University Dance Studies Course

I’ve also conducted an Alexander Technique Intensive at the Company Theatre workspace in Kamshet, Maharashtra.

My students have experienced varying benefits ranging from easier movement to improved breathing, reduced pain and a dramatically increased range of movement and voice. You can read what some of them had to say here.

I started my working life as a teacher of English at Rishi Valley in Madanapalle, and later at the Valley School in Bangalore.

I came to know of the Alexander Technique when I read an article about its application to singing – how to use the voice with ease and power. The simplicity and elegance of the ideas fascinated me and I decided to train as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. I explored training schools in the US, UK, Europe and Australia and eventually was accepted as a teacher trainee by the Brighton Alexander Technique College in the UK.

I love the work for two reasons. (1) the Alexander Technique brings a radically different quality of ease and integrity into life, and (2) we may start learning the Alexander Technique to cope with a specific problem, but we soon find that it brings all kinds of unexpected and delightful additional benefits!