If you're carrying around tension without knowing it, you can damage yourself quite badly - to the extent of not being able to lift up a newspaper!  

Man bent over computer with back pain

Working without awareness can cause pain


What People Say

I feel it has done me a whole lot of good. I ... take every opportunity to stand still and give directions to my neck to be free.    Leela Krishnamohan, Homemaker






 What is Default Tension?

Ask yourself if you can allow some easing up in

  1. your shoulders
  2. your face
  3. your eyes

Did you feel a difference?

Chances are you did, for at least one of these thoughts. That is default tension - something that you DON’T need in order to sit and read this.

Default tension is tension that you carry around and take into all your actions without knowing that you're doing it.

How Can It Hurt You?

In many ways.  For instance, you might

  1. get debilitating back pain
  2. have your voice choke up as you start performing
  3. find that you can't even lift a comb to your hair
  4. find that you can't use the computer, even for short periods

How Does the Alexander Technique Help?

The Alexander Technique helps you become aware of this potentially damaging tension and let go of it.

  1. Your actions become easier, more powerful and more effective.
  2. Learning new things becomes exciting and enjoyable
  3. You're comfortable in your body
  4. You speak in your own, authentic voice.


Activities You Can Try

Perhaps you'd like to try some activities for yourself?

Alexander Technique teacher working with young man to reduce default tension

Alexander Technique lesson

  • Go through What the Alexander Technique Is Not.  This is important because it will give you a clear idea of how exactly the Alexander Technique can help you.
  • You can start with Active Rest, which is a way of lying down that can rest and refresh your back.
  • If you want to explore further, check out Things to Try. The activities here will give you an idea of what Alexander Technique work is like.
  • You can also opt for lessons.  At the moment I am only offering online lessons because this is the only way you can have a lesson safely! You can check out Online Learning for information about the options available.
  • Prefer an introductory lesson straightaway? Contact me to book a lesson - online, of course!

You can go to the Home page for an overview of the site.

The Alexander Technique addresses the fundamentals of human balance.    (Carolyn Nicholls)