…the same muscular patterns that go into your daily sitting and standing … go into your computer work, your music, dance, acting or sculpting.


What People Say

I use AT frequently, and it’s changed my life and how I relate to pain. I have a chronic back condition, and AT helps me understand and cope with it better.  Arkaja Singh











Young man sprawled in sofa, strain on lower back

‘Invisible’ Actions – You’re Not Aware of Them

What Are ‘Invisible’ Actions?

‘Invisible’ actions are those actions and movements to which you don’t pay any attention at all.

  1. Sitting and reading a newspaper
  2. Holding a cup of tea
  3. Getting up to answer the door
  4. Any action or movement that we do in the course of our daily lives

You don’t pay any attention to the movement  because your focus is on what you actually want to do   – answer the door, read the newspaper or drink the tea.


Young man playing guitar strain on back and shoulders

Complex Actions – Based on Your Everyday Movements

Why do ‘Invisible’ Actions Matter?

They matter because they are the foundation for all the other, more skilled actions you do in your life.

You use some basic muscular patterns to

  1.  sit.
  2. stand.
  3. drink your tea.
  4. answer the door.
  5. do any of the routine actions of your life.

These are the same muscular patterns that you use to

  1.  work on the computer.
  2. play a sport, sing, dance, act.
  3. do any complex, skilled action.

The freer your ‘invisible’ actions, the easier it is for you to take the same freedom into your music, dance, acting, sculpting or computer work.

How Can the Alexander Technique help?

You learn to become aware of these ‘invisible’ actions and do them without unnecessary tension.

This has an impact on

  1. the overall quality of your movement.
  2. your general state of mind.
  3. how you respond to things around you.

Regular, thoughtful application of these skills will transform the way you go about your daily life, and the way you approach your unique area/s of skill.

Activities You Can Try

Perhaps you’d like to try some activities for yourself?

  • You can start with Active Rest, which is a way of lying down that can rest and refresh you.
  • If you want to explore further, check out Things to Try. The activities here will give you an idea of what Alexander Technique work is like.
  • You can also opt for lessons.  In the interests of safety, I am only offering online lessons at the moment.  Online Learning has more details on the options available.
  • Prefer an introductory lesson straightaway? Contact me to book a lesson – online, of course!

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