You can use the Alexander Technique to free yourself of hidden tensions so that your performance is powerful and evocative .

What People Say

I had chikungunya and my joints have been heavily compromised. Remembering to be in an AT Frame of Mind helps immensely. I don't get tired and it takes a lot longer for the pain to set in. Vasundhara V, Singer and Musician










freeing tensions allows three actors using Alexander Technique to channel their performance energy

The Actor's Instrument is Himself

Channel Your Energy

You’re an actor.

You have to channel all your energy into your performance, not let it leak away in tension and stress.

You might need to

  1. adopt challenging positions or gaits, like moving with a stoop or a limp.
  2. be able to drop your own little idiosyncrasies of movement and speech.
  3. put on those of the character you're playing.

All the time you’re on stage, you cannot let up, not even for a second.

Singer channeling all his energy into performance

No Second Chances on Stage


You're a singer.

Your energy needs to be focused on singing

  1. difficult passages.
  2. at different speeds.
  3. high and low notes with absolute accuracy.

There are no second chances. Either you get it right, or you don’t.




freedom from tension helps drummer to channel his performance energy precisely

The Demands of Your Instrument

You're an instrumentalist.

You focus needs to be on

  1. playing with power and precision.
  2. dealing, if necessary, with the weight of your instrument.
  3. negotiating awkward positions and movements.

You might be in discomfort, even pain, but the show must go on.




Dancer twirling with strength and lightness channeling all her performance energy into the movement

Grace, Ease and Strength in Dance



You're a dancer.

Your energy must emerge in

  1. explosive power, or the most subtle lightness and delicacy.
  2. balance and ease in all your movements.

You have to do all this consistently, and make it all look effortless.




How Can the Alexander Technique Help?

You can use the Alexander Technique to

  1. free yourself of hidden tensions so that all your energy is channeled into your performance.
  2. continue exploring - and breaking - barriers.
  3. perfect your craft and continue performing for longer.

Activities You Can Try 

Perhaps you'd like to try some activities for yourself?

First of all, go through What the Alexander Technique Is Not.  This will give you a clear idea of how exactly the Alexander Technique can help you.

  • You can start with Active Rest, which is a way of lying down that can rest and refresh your back.
  • If you want to explore further, check out Things to Try. The activities here will give you an idea of what Alexander Technique work is like.
  • You can also opt for lessons.  At the moment, I am only offering online lessons because that's the only way you can have a lesson safely. However, there is plenty for you to explore even without the hands on option, so do go on to Online Learning, which will give you more information on how you can sharpen your performance skills in the safety of your home!
  • Prefer an introductory lesson straightaway? Contact me to book a lesson - online, of course!

... unrecognised tension is a barrier to good performance. (Carolyn Nicholls)