...the Alexander Technique, which was developed decades ago, is a method that works to change ingrained motion patterns, those performed countless times in our everyday activities.




















Articles about the Alexander Technique and related issues, that have appeared online and off :-

Learning Good Posture - We often think of 'good' posture as something that's stiff and unmoving. This article gives you a different perspective, and also has some useful tips to keep in mind as you go through the day.

Helping Surgeons Work With Greater Ease - An interesting account of a study at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre. A small group of surgeons who routinely carried out minimally invasive procedures were given Alexander Technique lessons. The subjects showed improvement in posture and trunk stability, and were able to complete laparoscopic tests in a shorter time.

The Royal College of Music Professor Who Learnt to Play with Less Tension - an interview with a professor at the Royal College of Music who started Alexander Technique lessons to deal with pain. He describes his journey, the surprising discoveries that he made, and the effect of the lessons on his playing.

Sitting is the New Smoking - For some time now, it has been the fashion to look at sitting down as the culprit in many of our problems .   People recommended all kinds of alternatives to sitting, and standing at work became the rage in many offices.

But it's not as simple as just changing a position and getting miraculously cured of all your problems.

The Hazards of Standing   This article discusses what could go wrong if you replace thoughtless sitting with thoughtless standing.

The Alexander Technique: What Could It Do For You? - An article that gives an overview of the Alexander Technique and its benefits. This of course is news from the United States; unfortunately AT isn't so well known in India - yet! Fortunately,  what it says about the Alexander Technique is applicable to all, whatever country they're in.

Of course, if you want a lesson or lessons, you don't need to go to the US, you can have them right here in India! At the moment I'm only offering online lessons - you can get the details at Online Learning.

The Alexander Technique in SingingWatch a Youtube video about how the Alexander Technique helps with singing. The best bit comes at the end when the young student begins to apply Alexander thinking as she sings.