A lot of research is being done into the relevance of the Alexander Technique for various conditions. This page gives you some of the areas in which research has been done and is still ongoing.

The Alexander Technique for Back Pain – Back pain has emerged as one of the leading causes of work place disability world wide. This link takes you to the research that is being done in this area.

The Alexander Technique for Musicians – There are two published trials to date. 1) a review of controlled trials that have been done, and 2) a look at how Alexander Technique lessons affect musical performance in high and low stress situations.

The Alexander Technique for Well Being and Self Help – There is a lot of awareness about the importance of self care and wellness these days.  This is a list of studies showing the effects of Alexander Technique lessons on fostering a sense of well being and showing that it’s a really good way to help yourself.

The Alexander Technique for Older People – There are several studies showing how the Alexander Technique can have a beneficial effect on older people, improving their balance and sense of confidence.

More…  Research into several other areas, like Osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s, Balance, Movement Coordination and so on.