…you can explore Alexander Technique thinking on your own and apply it to many of the things you do during your day.

What People Say

I can release from within now, when I realize that I have to. Having a moment to myself can make a lot of difference.        Arun Srinivasan














Applied Alexander

This section will help you explore some Alexander Technique activities and apply it to your day.

Here you’ll find

  1. Activities based on everyday actions like sitting, standing and walking
  2. Suggestions about how to do them with greater ease
  3. Ways to apply them in your daily life

Alexander Technique practice focuses on daily, routine, invisible actions like sitting, standing and walking.  (AT for Daily Living). They seem unimportant, but if we do them badly, they have the potential to damage us.

This is why a lot of Alexander Technique work focuses on the very movements to which, in our daily lives, we pay the least attention.

Girl sitting slumped with strain on her back

Just Sitting Badly Can Hurt Your Back!

How Do These Activities Help?

  1. They help you let go of tension
  2. Your movements become easier
  3. There’s less strain on your muscles
  4. You learn how to move and work without damaging yourself.

One can never say this too many times –

You can damage yourself a lot by just sitting, standing, and walking badly!




young man doing Active Rest as part of Alexander Technique practice, Bangalore

What’s the Best Way of Using These Pages?

  1. Start with Active Rest. 
  2. Go on to SittingStanding and Walking. The best way to work with them is to go with the order in which they’re organised i.e. starting with the section on Sitting, moving on to Standing, and then to Walking.
  3. Stick with one activity for 2 or 3 days. Then go back and choose another one to work with. It generally takes a while for your awareness to catch up so it’s useful to give yourself a little time with each activity.
  4. After you’ve explored some of these activities, go on to Create a Wellness Plan. It  has a detailed explanation of how you can create your  personal plan of wellness using them.

You can also go to the Home page if you’d like an overview of the site.

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It isn’t easy or simple…but once you get the hang of it, many things in your life will change without your having to initiate every change individually. (Pedro de Alcantara)