…use your thinking to walk in a way that refreshes your muscles rather than tires them out.


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…I’ve found an incredible amount of support in AT as it leaves me flexible and balanced. Vasundhara V, Singer and Musician











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Walking Refreshes Your Muscle

Take a Break from Sitting – Walk

Walking is the best way to recover from the hard work of sitting still.
If your work requires you to stay in one position for long periods, make sure to take a break every 30 or 40 minutes. Take a walk – to the rest room, the water cooler, or just around the room … make sure that you get those precious minutes of movement.

The same thinking that you used in sitting and standing can be applied to walking too.

Read through these instructions and then use the talk through to guide yourself through the procedure.

 What You’ll Need

  1. About 10 – 15 minutes
  2. A quiet space where you can walk – it’s easier to work on this by yourself initially. As you get used to it, you can do it anywhere.

What You Do: Stage 1

Begin with Restful Standing .

  1. Ask your neck to ease up. This allows not just the neck, but a whole lot of other areas to free up.
  2. Notice your feet.  Take the time to really be aware of how you’re standing on them, how your weight drops through them into the ground.
  3. Let your feet release onto the floor. Think of them releasing and spreading out on the floor so that the little muscles in your feet can have space to work.
  4. Think up from your feet. You have to be very watchful with this one. Before you know it you’ll be trying to stretch yourself up, and that’s not what we want at all. Just stay with the thought of gently lengthening up from the floor, and let your muscles respond as they will.

This is a really good place from which to go into walking.


feet, walking well with back foot coming off the floor

Let Your Feet Really Touch the Floor

Stage 2

  1. Go back to your neck. We’re used to starting everything by tightening the neck. So now you start everything by asking to release the neck.
  2. Take a step forward. Let your foot rest completely on the floor as you put your weight on it.
  3. Think up off the foot so that it’s supporting you, but you’re not pushing down into it.




Stage 3

  1. Lift the other foot. Keep thinking up off the supporting foot which is now taking all your weight.
  2. Bring the lifted foot down onto the floor. Think up off it as it begins to take your weight.
  3. Remind your neck to stay free.

Repeat. It’s actually very simple.

Every time you bring a foot down onto the floor, you allow it to take your weight and think up off it. 

How You Use This

You can use this thinking any time you’re walking, indoors or out. Try it in short stretches at first to give your muscles the chance to respond to this new thinking. As you get comfortable with it, you’ll be able to use it for longer.

Go on to More About Walking if you want to explore this  further.

Other Activities You Can Try

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  •  You can also opt for lessons.  At the moment I’m only offering online sessions because that’s the safest way for you to have a lesson. Do check out Online Learning so that you can decide what would suit  you best.
  • Prefer an introductory lesson straightaway? Contact me to book a lesson – online, of course!

Don’t let anything get in the way of your health. When you’ve been sitting or standing still for a while, take a walk!

Releasing tension you don’t know you’ve got is always a revelation. (Carolyn Nicholls)