Claim Your Voice

This is a course that aims to help you find and use a clear, authentic voice.

Society generally isn’t friendly to the idea of too many authentic voices around, so we’re taught right from childhood to suppress our voices, to diminish the full range, power and emotion in them. It’s not surprising that most of us speak in small voices that are only a pale echo of our real potential.

We all carry hidden tensions that constrict sound. These interfere not just with the voice but also with the way we carry ourselves and the way we move. The first part of the course will focus on first helping you become aware of these tensions and letting go of them – and this has a powerful impact on the voice.

Then we just have fun using the voice! Exploring intonation, volume, pace in speaking and reading and playing with possibilities help you become aware of just how effectively you can use your voice to communicate whatever you want to.

This course has been temporarily suspended, but the  online version is still possible. If you’d like to know more about this, you can Contact me for more details.