In an individual course the lesson can be completely geared to your needs.


















Learning Focused on You

Please note: At the moment, I’m only offering online lessons. The details about the personal courses are for information only.

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Individual lessons help you to make a beginning with your Alexander Technique journey.

Fee: Rs. 1500/lesson

  1. You have one on one sessions with your teacher
  2. Lessons are completely geared to your needs.
  3. You have total flexibility when it comes to scheduling – or rescheduling – lessons.
  4. You have the option of personal or online sessions. Go to  Online Learning for details about online lessons.

You can schedule a free consultation with me to get an idea of how this works.

The Free Consultation

This is a chance for you to find out more about the Alexander Technique and see if it can help you deal with your problem.

young man having an Alexander Technique lesson

An Introductory Alexander Experience

You’ll get

  1.   a little more information about the Technique and how it works
  2. an idea of how lessons can help.
  3. an experience of hands on work

The hands on work gives you a sense of what Alexander Technique lessons are like.

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Alexander Technique teacher holding arm of pupil, helping him to release tension

Awareness is the First Step to Release!

 The Foundation Course

This is a course of 10 lessons

Fee: Rs. 12,000/- for the course

  1. You get an awareness of the tensions you’re holding within yourself
  2. You learn how to release them.
  3. You learn some useful ideas and practices.
  4. You begin to explore the application of these skills to the activities in your own life.



The Foundation Course is also available in the Group and Online formats.

Contact me for details of the Foundation Course.



Wellness is not the absence of tension but the presence of appropriate tension. (Carolyn Nicholls)