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Musings on the Alexander Technique

Welcome to Nekfree, my blog on the Alexander Technique. If you’ve looked at my website, I hope to give you some more things to think about. If you haven’t, I hope it will make you look at it at once!

I want to show you how you can use the Alexander Technique to care for yourself in a very profound way. This is essential because – let’s face it! – our culture puts us last!

We’re always taught that everything and everyone – work, duty, family, friends – all come first. We feel guilty when we take time out for ourselves. But just think about it – it’s only when we’re healthy and whole that we can have a meaningful relationship with family and friends. We work best when we’re happy, healthy and at ease. The Alexander Technique teaches us how to live in a way that takes us towards health and wholeness.

So as you read the blog and go through the site I hope that it will help you think about what real health and wholeness means. I hope it will help you explore these ideas and work out ways of using them in your life.

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