The Best Thing About the Alexander Technique

woman at computer sitting poised with the help of the Alexander Techniqueand without tension

Poise at the Computer

Actually there are many best things about the Alexander Technique and I’m going to bring them all up at some time or other. But for now let’s look at this particular best thing –

And it is that you can practise the Alexander Technique at any point in your day, whatever you’re doing. It’s not about having to schedule a 2 hour practice session every morning, and then not thinking about it at all. What you learn in an Alexander Technique lesson you carry out with you and apply whenever you want. Sure, there’s a very useful procedure called Active Rest for which you have to find 10 – 15 minutes every day, but that’s not too difficult, is it?

Everything else is used on the go – while you’re working at the computer riding the metro, having a meeting, attending a rehearsal, whatever.

As you’ll see, it’s not so much about finding the time as rearranging your thinking.

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