The Foundation Course

Dates: Monday 27th January 2020 – Thursday 27th February

( 10 sessions – classes will be held twice a week for 5 weeks)

Time: 7:15 – 8:15 pm

Fee: Rs. 6000/-

Venue: Shalom Wellness, Cox Town, Bangalore 560005.

letting go of habitual tension Alexander Technique foundation course


This course will give you a set of basic skills that will start you off on your Alexander practice. We’ll be looking at sitting, standing, walking and other similar ‘invisible’ actions that we do every day without being aware of them.

If we’re not aware of them, we’re not aware of the damage they’re doing, which can be considerable. How can we become aware of these tensions and let go of them?

Contact me for details, or call me at +919341220759