Workshops and Courses

With COVID-19 exploding around the world, we’re all getting ready to hunker down and fight this in any way we can. Right now nothing is more important than just reducing and then stopping the spread of the virus.

All personal courses, group and individual, have been put off until it’s safe to meet each other in person again. The details on this page are for information only, so you have an idea of what is possible in Alexander Technique courses.

Just to give you a preliminary idea about the information here –

The Free Introductory Session is a one hour session which gives you an idea of the Alexander Technique and how it works.

The Foundation Course is a 10 lesson course which has some basic Alexander Technique concepts and practices, and equips you to apply it in your life.

Progressive Learning sessions are refresher sessions and help your to maintain and extend your Alexander Technique practice. They are only open to people who have done the Foundation Course.

It is also possible to develop a course around a specific theme. There are two such courses shown at the bottom of the list below – The Alexander Technique Meditation Skills Course, and Claim Your Voice.

All of these are possible as online versions too (technology is wonderful!). Do check out the details at Online Learning.

They are good options to consider if you’re stuck at home, worried and anxious, with time hanging heavy on your hands!

 Free Introductory Session

These are one hour sessions designed to give you a sense of what the Alexander Technique is about. They are free but you’ll need to register because places are limited.

The Foundation Course

This course is an excellent way to get into Alexander Technique practice. It equips the beginner with a set of basic concepts and skills that they can then go on to apply in their lives. Learning in a group is an enriching experience because of the opportunity to observe the other participants and share observations and questions.

Progressive Learning 

The Progressive Learning Session is open to anyone who has done some version of the Foundation Course.

We explore applications of the concepts that were introduced in the Foundation Course. If anyone has a specific topic or topics which they would like to look at, they can request me to build it into the course. We can even have a completely new course based around suggested ideas if enough people are interested.

The Alexander Technique Meditation Skills Course

This is a course that is built around a specific theme.

Many of us like to meditate, but find that our practice is affected by difficulty in sitting still during the meditation. Or we’re unable to keep our mind quiet. At the end of our meditation session, we rise feeling that it wasn’t quite as effective as it could have been.

The Alexander Technique Meditation Skills Course addresses these fundamental issues and helps you get these in place so that your meditation can then be truly satisfying.


Claim Your Voice

Another course that was developed around the subject of improving the voice.

This 15 lesson course is for anyone who feels that their voice is not a true reflection of them. You don’t have to a professional voice user to take this course. If you’re not happy with the way your voice sounds, come along and find out just what it is you’re doing that prevents you from using your voice with power and passion.

The course starts with an introduction of the basic principles and practices of the Alexander Technique and then we spend the last few sessions in systematically applying them to voice activities. These are focused more on normal use of the voice in everyday life, and not so much on specialised use as in singing or acting.