What Is the Alexander Technique?

Young man cutting vegetables with Alexander Technique teacher helping him release tension

Letting Go of Tension

Alexander Technique practitioners and students know that this is a notoriously difficult question to answer.  Ask half a dozen teachers and you’ll get half a dozen answers. But let’s try putting it as simply as possible –

As you’re reading this, just stop and think about letting go of tension, of sitting lightly and easily in your chair. Chances are that you would have felt a sense of easing up, of some tightness dropping away, at least momentarily.

Now think about that for a moment – you have just let go of some effort, and yet you’re perfectly fine. You continue to sit. You haven’t subsided into a heap of jelly of the floor.

So was that tension really necessary? And were you aware of it before you really paid attention to yourself?

The answer is No… and No.

The Alexander Technique is the skill of becoming aware of this tension, and letting go of it so that there is ease, precision and economy in all our actions.

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